Resources and Partners

We created this resources and partner page so we had one place to list our best resources and partners related to starting, building and growing a business and running your own live events.

We recommend these resources below because we use them and we know that they are helpful in growing and automating your business. We only recommend products we know, love and trust.

Thrive Themes​

​Thrive Themes provide a range of software products that work with WordPress. The main tool for capturing opt ins is a plugin called Thrive Leads. It's completely awesome!

Thrive Leads supports 10 different lead capture tools, including: 2-step lightbox forms, scroll mats, ribbons, entry & exit pops, in-line forms, widgets and content locks.

Even better: it ​lets you manage when each of those lead capture tools is used from a single console, and run split tests to determine which ones work best.

This is an incredibly powerful tool, especially for such an affordable WordPress plugin. I've seen software ​priced at 20 times more that doesn't have all the capabilities of Thrive Leads.

Here's an excellent video from Thrive which starts with the basics of list building, but​ then dives into showing off the different lead capture strategies supported by the plugin. Check out the demonstration of A/B split testing and make sure to watch the section on "Smart Targeting", because that sure is a killer tactic.


InfusionSoft is our customer management system and the only affiliate backend that we use. It offers affiliates reliable tracking via cookie, contact record (email), and IP. In addition, the reporting is great. It is also the world's best marketing software out there. If you have the budget and are serious about growing your business, InfusionSoft is the tool for you. If you want something simpler then there are other options.

Click Funnels​

ClickFunnels is software that lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages and to manage your entire sales funnel.

You can create seven types of funnel with the help of Clickfunnels :- The Optin Lead Capture Funnel. The Sales Funnel. The Webinar Funnel. The Automated Webinar Funnel. The Membership Funnel. The Launch Funnel. The Custom Funnel.

There's a shopping cart feature and sales can be seamless with this tool. We use it and highly recommend it because and it's simple and highly effective.

ClickFunnels makes setting up your sales funnels easy and anyone on your team can do it (even non-techies).

Webinar Jam​

Webinar Jam is the only webinar product we use. If you want to generate income quickly and automate with their Ever Webinar system to generate income on auto-pilot then we highly recommend this software.

Webinar Jam's next-level features include:

  • Dynamic webinar software powered by Google
  • Mobile-ready and customizable registration templates
  • Conversion focused webinar marketing systems

Perfectly Suited for marketers of all sizes

  • Agencies maximize their Webinar marketing power
  • Digital marketers expand their audience reach
  • Brands conduct off-site training and seminars

WP Engine

We've used this WordPress hosting service for many years now. WP Engine provides best-in-class customer service on top of innovation-driven technology.

It's super fast which is great for conversions. They automate and handle necessary updates, backups and give fast tech support.

Pretty Link

This is the tool we use to shorten URLs and make them "pretty." It's great for creating URLs that you send in emails, mention on podcast interviews, or on social media. The free version, Pretty Link Lite, works for most people, but there is a paid version. 


HootSuite is my go-to tool for social media management. Our team manage our social media channels in one place, all in less than 20 minutes a day. You can also schedule messages well in advance. Love this tool!


This is a great tool to for team members to communicate with each other. Forget long email chains, random texts, or forgetting to copy someone. Slack is the go-to communication tool for almost every online business I know. It's a fast, and efficient way to communicate. And you don't need a huge team to get started. Check it out you will be glad you did.