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Seven KEY Things To Remember When Booking A Venue For Your Live Seminar Or Event

The venue you choose has a direct impact on your clients and can leave a lasting impression. If the venue is not suitable or is difficult to get to, it is the business hosting the event that will receive the feedback. Booking a venue for your event may seem like a simple task and, yet, if you are new to the live-event industry, or even if you have hosted events, overlooking one key item can seriously affect the overall experience for your clients.

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Three Things To NEVER Do When Filling And Running An Event or Seminar!

There’s a lot going on and loads of responsibility, so how do you avoid the common mistakes event-organisers so often make? Several mentoring clients let me in on their top-learning experiences.
Never expect friends and family to refer people.
Often, clients have relied on friends and family to assist them in filling their events. Friends and family are well-intentioned, of course, and yet, your best bet is to develop a well-structured referral programme where you offer both training and incentives.

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How To Grow Your Business Through Attending Live Events And Seminars

As a business owner, do you ever feel stuck or isolated, with no one to brainstorm with and run ideas by?

Do you sometimes think running a business is just too difficult? If so, then you are not alone.

I have met many business owners who have felt exactly the same way! This is something I can relate to as well.

Many times in my 30+ years in business, I found myself wondering, what do I do, who do I turn to, how do I find a good coach or mentor who’s been through and overcome, the challenges I am facing.

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