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My Superhero: What My Mentor Taught Me About Business

I have been thinking about my mum, Mary, a lot lately. Thankfully, she is still alive at 81 and, even though ageing and more fragile, she has still retained a sharp, focused mind and sense of humour.

Until she retired, mum was a successful businesswoman – quick with numbers, stylish, kind, a fabulous cook, a generous loving mother to four children and she had an innate talent for entertaining people and building relationships.

Growing up, I used to think she was a Superwoman, especially watching her juggle family and business. One thing I know for sure is she is definitely my hero.

Here’s what she taught me about business and life. You can read about the key lessons here.

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The Top 10 Habits of Highly Successful People

I have been thinking about the great learnings I’ve had in the past 3 decades in business as an entrepreneur.

I am privileged to have represented over 100 of the world’s top speakers and I have modelled what makes the very best of them successful.

And, I implemented these strategies and behaviours over time.

You see, there have been years when I kicked massive goals, was awarded the Business Review Weekly (BRW) Fast 100 Companies for 3 consecutive years in a row, produced 4,500-person events, held 1206 events in 7 countries and there have been years when I struggled, wondering how to pay the rent and wages.

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